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What to expect

We will meet for 50 minutes at the same time each week, ideally for a minimum of 6-8 weeks.  


Although I believe that we are the experts on ourselves, sometimes life can feel confusing and overwhelming, and it helps to have someone really listen and try to understand.  


I do not make decisions for you but aim to work collaboratively with you to explore the best way for you to move forward.  I will suspend assumptions and meet you on your own terms with my fully authentic self.  I will provide a safe environment without judgement or expectations.  This may be a new and unique experience in your life.  


We might talk about your life and relationships now and in the past, including childhood.  We will explore emotions; some of these you may not even be aware of yet. This means that difficult feelings can emerge in therapy; I will work with you to help you be with them.  This may include using visualisations, mindfulness, breathing or other body techniques or creative activities.


Initial session at half price

It is important that you find the therapist who feels right for you.  I offer a half price session for us to see how it would feel to work together, during which time you can ask me any questions you may have. 

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Equality statement and BACP
Ethical Framework

I aim to work inclusively and accessibly, and I welcome clients from any background, clients who are neurodiverse or disabled.  Please let me know your access needs.   My premises are step-free and fully accessible.  

I am a registered member of BACP and work within their ethical framework.  I am working towards BACP accreditation.

Get in touch

St Andrew's Community Centre

Hawthorn Grove

Combe Down



My therapy room is conveniently located in Combe Down.


There is free on-site parking.  


Hawthorn Grove is on the 4A bus route from the centre of Bath.

The 2 bus stop at Mulberry Park is a short walk away.

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